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Ryan Berley

People often think that Ryan was actually born in the middle 19th century, just in time to taste the bitter effects of the Civil War and the industrial world it wrought. He is a craftsman at heart, and the curator of the Rose Valley Museum at Thunderbird Lodge, an experimental bohemian utopia from the turn of the 20th C. He digs the music of the Grateful Dead, plays 1860s base-ball, and finds escape amongst the pines at his Adirondack log cabin named WA-BE-SA-BE.

Eric Berley Portrait at Window


Eric Berley

Eric’s larger than life mustache is indicative of his flare for fun, but one that’s tempered by a philosophical (sometimes zaney), but mostly pragmatic, approach.  Eric daydreams of being a part-time farm hand, starting a lifestyle blog called “Nuance,” and creating a characters-from-history bowtie business inspired by his two small children, but his true calling will always be as a Confectionery Imagineer TM who aims to open a Confectionery Museum.


Shop Manager

Yasmeen Brown


Executive Coordinator

Lindsay Yurcaba Graham

Lindsay has been at the company longer than any other employee! She started as a Soda Jerk, became one of the first managers of Shane after reopening in 2011, and worked her way up to Executive Coordinator; today Lindsay handles all of our finances.

Lindsay likes exploring new cities, attempting to grow herbs and veggies in her South Philly "back yard", and the Olympics.

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Director of Design & Employee Relations

Pavia Burroughs

Pavia joined our team in the Fall of 2013, starting as a clear toy maker and evolving into our director of design and our director of employee relations. Pavia designs and manages all things ~*aesthetic*~. They also help to support staff by providing them peer mediation, manager coaching, and facilitating systems to help improve equity and their general well being at work.

Pavia likes sewing, ghost stories, and trying new flavors.


Production Manager

Leslie McLaughlin

Leslie joined our team in 2021 as a Pastry Assistant, later becoming one of our Production Kitchen Managers! The production kitchen cooks and bakes everything from ice cream bases, soda syrups, cookies, and candy centers for all of our shops!

Leslie like's food adventures, being apart of incredible communities, and going off grid to disconnect!


Ice Cream Department Manager

Franny Zehmer

Franny joined our team in March 2021 as a Soda Jerk! They then moved to the kitchen in 2022, working their way up to Ice Cream Department Manager!

Franny likes anything music related, cooking, baking, and plants- their house is full of them! They dislike sitcom shows, winter and cold weather.

Franny is also a singer, and their music can be found @Franny Lane

Soda Jerks

Our intrepid team of soda jerks are made up of folks who have been with us for years, and those who just need a job for the summer. They are an extroverted bunch, and if you join their ranks, be prepared to make friends!

"Who is it that makes up our drinks with judgement, skill and care?
Who serves us pie and sandwiches, and other dainty fare?
Who passes out the little checks and charges all he can?
The milkshake-shaking, sundae-making, soda-fountain man."

“Ryhmes of the Soda Fountain“. The Confectioner’s Journal. January 1921



The Kitchen team is a delightful bunch of hard workers, all with their own special skills that they bring to the team. From amazing decorators, to the fastest caramel wrappers, to the most perfect cookie making- together they do it all! Within the bunch are Dungeon and Dragon's players, artists, photographers, and musicians!

Facilities Team

The Facilities Team is the third leg on our stool - they stabilize us by taking care of all the extras. They clean, organize, lift, carry, handle pest control, fix, and problem solve our old buildings.

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