November ’11

The brisk crackle of piled leaves crunched underfoot susurrates down forest pathways, moving like curious fingers through tall-growing pine, oak, sycamore, and locust trees. Footsteps plod over snapping twigs and earth-warmed detritus; hungry people move down the woodsy corridors. People congregate down leaf-strewn alleyways, towards city streets whose cobblestone roadways are slick with freshly fallen rain. Each dew-washed rock glistens in the incandescent glint of lamplight. To what location are these hunger panged folk headed, carrying onwards with eager eyes and empty bellies? Why, they are headed to The Franklin Fountain, of course, where else? Quite naturally, these forest treaders and city dwellers aim to have a pleasant stay within the doors of 116 Market Street, where it has been announced, with much to-do, that the Winter Menu is unveiled!

Yes, that’s right! Back and available for purchase are our line of our original Hot Milk-Shakes! These were invented by Fountain owner Ryan Berley and soda jerk hall-of-famer Elliot Landes in the early autumn of ‘06 and have been a hit with our customers ever since. We suggest that you try  our “Caramel Apple Pie Shake”, some of our old fashioned vanilla bean ice cream cascaded with our homemade hot caramel sauce, and, added to the sugary equation is a homemade slice of our good old fashioned All-American Apple Pie! (why not try a slice a la mode with our fashionable and tasty cinnamon ice cream?) The gooey warmth of the pie is intermixed into the Shake, and the dessert in its entirety is gawk-and-swoon worthy. It has been lauded by television and print celebrity Rachel Ray! Surely her award-bestowing sense of taste is inerrant.

Let’s move from discussing truly flawless flavorful slices of pie to duly fall-festive glasses of pop for your Thanksgiving Day feast. The holiday is quickly approaching and we hope that your feast is as peaceful, diplomatic, and scrumptious as the original meal between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe. Would you like to make this Thanksgiving meal extra special? Then why not bring a six pack of our artisanel sodas to your Thanksgiving table? This month we will not be highlighting one individual soda, but, instead, have lined up three winners to bring to your attention. They are cranberry soda, pear soda (both are made with real fruit and berry pulps and are lightly carbonated), and Blenheim’s Ginger Ale, straight from Blenheim Springs in the heart of South Carolina. The Blenheim bottling company was founded in 1903 by Dr. May and A.J. Matheson, who built the bottle works next to Blenheim Artesian Mineral Springs. The “Old #3” spicy ginger-ale recipe, which singes the gullet of those who dare to drink it, was concocted sometime in the early twentieth century. This drink will, for sure, put fire in your belly.
Speaking of items to warm your belly, we have for sale our “Hot Soda” line (Hot Sodas have been produced by soda fountains in their chilly season as early as the 1870s! They consist of a variety of syrups or fruit flavorings and hot water instead of cold soda water) We feature most prominently our “Lambrakis Hot Lunch”. It’s described as “A shaken mixture of cream, Coca-Cola syrup, chocolate, malted milk and hot water.  This drink can be made with an egg, if requested. {from the Dispenser’s Formulary, 1915}”
Could we truly say that it’s autumn without hot cider? We again are proud to serve batches of our warm and pure hot cider, spiced with rasped nutmeg, ground cinnamon and cloved oranges. Also, we will be serving once more another treat that’s an especial favorite of the ladies of the Fountain, the Hot Violet Limeade. Gentlemen, don’t shy away from this treat, it’s suitable for you as well, and is also quite therapeaudic for the throat and the nerves. It is made with pressed lime juice, syrup’d violet, and hot water. Additionally, we have available our own make of Mead, a drink featured in the early literature of the Britons. It is comprised of honey, aromatic spices, and squeezed lemon.

What could be nicer than a cupful of our European Drinking Chocolate?  It has been enjoyed by European royalty and coffee house patrons since the late sixteenth century. It is made of Parisian-imported bittersweet chocolate melted down into a thick paste, and is to be savored with one of our homemade marshmallows. For those who are more rooted in the American tradition, we have for sale our equally delicious “Wilbur’s Hot Cocoa”, Dutch processed H.O. Wilbur’s cocoa powder made with steamed milk from Longacre Dairy in Berks County, and topped with a dash of salt and a towering tuft of homemade whipped cream. Please, don’t miss our fruit pies and house-made cakes, made by our team of chefs led by the illustrious dream-materializer Davina Soondrum.

This season, we are here strictly for your pleasure. We hope that your holiday is warm, safe, and stuffed with good cheer, and that you surround yourselves with loved ones. We also hope that you bring one of our yummy seasonal hand-packed ice cream flavors like pumpkin or cinnamon to your meal, for they brings smiles to any household.
May the saffron strands of slanted daylight string themselves with suppleness about you.
The Franklin Fountain

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