September ’15

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6th Annual Philadelphia Honey Festival

Where would we be without bees? Celebrate the noble bee and enjoy Food, Fun and Fearless Bee Bearding, around Philadelphia, Sept. 11-13th! We will be serving our Honeycomb Ice Cream, made from our very own Rooftop Honey, Sept. 11th at the Wagner Free Institute.


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Pumpkin Ice Cream

The leaves are turning, and our Pumpkin Ice Cream is churning! Fall back into the swing of Autumn with a scoop of creamy, spiced, Pumpkin Ice Cream.


Soda Jerk Pick of the Month

James picks the PB&J Milkshake for a back to school treat! Grape Ice Cream blended with Peanut Butter.


Hide Empty Cartons

After this month Spruce Street Harbor Park is pulling anchor until Winterfest. As a finish to our Naval nods this summer, we’re sharing a piece of World War II Ice Cream ephemera from our private collection. Loose lips might sink ships, but so do forsaken ice cream pails.



Honeycomb Candy

During September, Shane’s will have sweet and crunchy Honeycomb Candy – made from our Rooftop Honey and dipped in Dark Chocolate.

Also available to order online

raspberries WEB

New – Raspberry Buttercreams!

Our Raspberry Buttercreams follow in the tradition of the Buttercreams we’ve been making for over 100 years, but now they are cooked with real raspberries! Dipped in either White or Dark chocolate, and sprinkled with dried Raspberries. Make sure to include one in your next box.



Candy Clerk’s Pick of the Month

Joey picks Askinosie’s “A Beautiful Mess” Chocolate Bar – toasted flakes of coconut, rich dark chocolate, and sweet coconut sugar.

great pumpkin fudgePumpkin Spiced Sweets

Using real pumpkin, our Pumpkin Spice Fudge ignites nostalgia of the fading glow of Summer, and home-made pumpkin pie, while our Pumpkin Spice Buttercreams prepare your palette for the good tidings and cheer on the horizon.

Pumpkin Fudge & Pumpkin Buttercreams are available for order online

shanechocolatecafe_text_logoFranklinIceCream-vanilla copyThe Summer Light Might be Fading

But there is still time to get your favorite cold beverages from the Shane Café Summer menu. And there will always be a light in our Ice Box full of Franklin Ice Cream single scoops & delectable Ice Cream Sandwiches!

PressAndEvents copyNYT Ice Cream

Philadelphia Style Ice Cream hits the NY Times

Ryan & Eric Berley were consulted for their expertise in an article featuring Philadelphia-style ice cream, a longtime tradition made without eggs. The brothers responded with gusto, answering reader questions and comments, wit’ a bit of Philly wit (but wit-out the egg, of course).Click here to read the article



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