May ’12

Friends and Followers,
May Day! May Day! It’ May Day! May Day!

The first of May has been a day of celebration and gaiety since ancient times– the Celts of old, as well as Gaelic and Germanic tribes, have all celebrated the first of May as a Spring festival with fragrant flora worn in headdress and festive dances around the Maypole. Since the nineteenth century it has also been considered an International Worker’s Day and a festival of revolt against the Powers That Be. More locally, there is another reason why this day is dear to our hearts: it is said that on May 1st in 1682 along the rolling banks of the Delaware River (named for Sir Thomas West 3rd Baron De La Warr) underneath the shade of a giant elm tree in the area known then as Shackamaxon, William Penn is said to have signed a Treaty of Friendship with Chief Tamanend who represented the Lenni-Lenape tribe. The legend of pacifist William Penn’s treaty with the native people of this land became a universal symbol of diplomacy, brotherhood, and accord among cultures.

In commemoration of Chief Tamanend and William Penn’s peaceful agreement to live as friends in harmony, we are celebrating the Native People’s cuisine with a “Penn Treaty Parfait”. Housemade ice creams to be presented at the fête are all made from fruits and gourds indigenous to this area, including “Butternut Squash Ice Cream” and “Paw Paw Ice Cream”; both of which will be enrobed in toasted maple pine nut dressing, with a finale of homemade Penn Treaty Popped Corn (available at Shane Confectionery) flavored with black walnuts, molasses, and sorghum. We hope this puts a “wampum” on your appetite and reminds you of the virtues agreed upon three hundred and thirty years ago. Beginning at 6:45, participants gathered around the statue of Chief Tamanend at Front and Market Street. At 7:00, Franklin Fountain and Shane Confectionery co-proprietor Ryan Berley  made an impassioned and stately speech regarding the history of Chief Tamanend and the community’s relationship to his statue. At 7:05 Nancy Gibbs of Arch Street Friends Meetinghouse spoke about Quaker William Penn’s friendship with Chief Tamanend. At 7:10, closing words and a solemn prayer was issued from Pastor John Norwood of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Indians of New Jersey. Afterwards, the sound of bells pealed merrily throughout the thronged audience, and resonating like metallic laughter throughout the nearby city blocks so that all could be included in the spirit of cultural congruence, human affection, and brotherly and sisterly love.

Speaking of items and circumstances that bring about mutual sentiments of goodwill and amity, we have concocted a delicious new beverage which should, by all plausibility, arouse an inclination of good taste and high regard from your palate. This new medley of fluid flavors harkens back to the days of Colonial America– a drink that eighteenth century Druggist Townsend Speakman could have mixed carefully amid his cobalt-glass bottles of medicinal elixirs, jars of dried serrate leaflets of the cannabis plant, and Laudanum-tinctured lozenges. The drink which we have prepared with focused forethought and lucent hearts is a delicate mixture of fruit-fresh strawberry and raspberry syrups, water impregnated with dephlogistinated air, and a minor acidic content contributed by a few drops of Apple Cider Vinegar. The Gestalt totality comprised of the varied ingredients is something to behold. We suggest that you try one for yourself upon entrance into our domain– for it has been Pharmacologically proven to improve the ease of digestion in the gastric system, and it has been said to enliven those suffering of a condition of ill-colored biles. The drink is entitled “The Mix Berry Shrub”, and we are quite certain that you will find its effects pleasant and promotive of robust health.

On the subject of robustness, what could be more blithesome and gay than a day at the Kentucky Derby? The dusty racetrack is rippled with equine muscle, bounding forwards nimbly with the fluency of quicksilver. And what iced drink do the hollering fellows in the bleachers hold in anxiety-clenched fists? Why, the Southern Julep, of course– bitter and refreshing and tainted with some mint essence. In 2007, we at the Fountain introduced our own variation on the Dixie favorite, “The Jamestown Julep”, to commemorate the Jamestown settlement’s quadricentenniel. Well, we have amended our recipe of fresh squeezed lemon juice, Medeira Wine, sparkling water, Fee Brothers Mint Bitters, and a garnish candy citrus peel with an additional delight– a complimentary locally made candy lemon straw! Derby Day is May the 5th. Who will end fastest? Make it a photo finish!

A quick word from our kitchen crew: we would like to issue a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ for a magnificent Easter Candy Season! The Butter-cream Eggs all came out fantastically, elegantly decorated in blossoms of fondant and inscribed with sugary sentiments. Tradition was preserved for another year, and we would like to thank most of all the returning clientele who make all of our efforts and dreams possible. May we have continued success in years to come, and may we see many times more your returning faces.

Don’t Forget: The month of May also includes Mother’s Day. American abolitionist, social activist, and poet Julia Ward Howe issued her first Mother’s Day Proclamation in the year 1870 as a call for women nationwide to support national disarmament. The holiday was initially a failure, and didn’t garner much support beyond a local level. In 1908 West Virginian Anna Jarvis successfully revived the defunct holiday. Philadelphia merchant John Wanamaker quickly endorsed the holiday, quickly seeing its potential for commercial success in the way of greeting card sales. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day a National Holiday. So, on this day, let us celebrate all things warmth and affection of the one who brought us into this world. Show your mother that you appreciate her by taking her out to a lovely brunch, and then take her to the entrance of Shane Confectionery, where perhaps you can purchase for her a box of assorted truffles and Butter-creams, or perhaps a long-stemmed Shane Rose. For additional Mother’s Day festivities, we’ll be partnering with Pinot Wine Store on Market Street, supplying a Wine and Chocolate Tasting on both Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 13th. You may sign up at Shane Candy clerks Ben Loughin and Lindsay Yurcuba will be able to answer questions about the pairings each day.

Well, that’s about all this go-around, Citizens of Candy Kingdom. We wish that your days may be full of the sweet fragrances of Spring air, carried on rolling breezes that pass through the manifold reaching tree boughs.

May Peace and Diplomacy Be Ever in Your Heart,
The Berley Brothers and Staff.

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