May ’11 Scoop

Dearest Fountaineers,

The month of May receives us well! It has been customary, in prior centuries, for townsfolk to gather at this season to dance ‘round a Maypole while wrapping it with ribbons, their movement mill-like, their voices melodious and interspersed with laughter. We invite you to enter into our shop with the same rush of happy energy that flooded our countryfolk in near and distant past. We’ve several new items to enthrall you with!

Mango Sorbet is the latest in our line of gourmet sorbet. The magic of this installment is especially pronounced; once your tongue meets the smooth cold consistency of this ice, your palate will experience immediate enlightenment. This sorbet is made with fresh Indian Mangos, experience for yourself why seers of bygone millennia saw holiness in this delicacy. The ice crystals of our newest creation palace intoxicating flavor.

This Easter Season was especially busy for us this time around, this is the first year that we have begun to sell Shane Confectionery Easter candy items, including their famed Buttercream Eggs. We had wound up selling out of these completely by Good Friday. Loyal Shane Candy customers shared memories with us about having enjoyed these treats since the dimmest recollections of their childhoods. We were happy to oblige them with continued good memories, and hope to expand our customer base with a new generation of clientele for years to come.

On the topic of springtime holidays, Mother’s Day is coming up quickly, and we hope that you stop in for a post-brunch treat! And what would be a better way to say “I Love You” to your mother other than to order a delicious “Ladies’ Choice” Ice Cream Soda? This delicious treat has hand-mixed raspberry soda, fresh Peach Ice Cream, and tufts of homemade whipped cream atop the fizzing glass of goodness. The drink celebrates the insight and strength of the feminine and maternal. Order this specialty to let your mother, grandmother, wife, special someone, or anyone, really, that you care for them deeply.

We always like to feature a particular soda every month– this month we chose “Dr. Physick’s Black Cherry Soda”, a perfect drink to toast your favorite class of ‘11 graduate. The soda is named in honor of Dr. Philip Syng Physick, the historic Philadelphian and “father of American Surgery”. Along with Philadelphia pharmacist Townsend Speakman, Dr. Physick improved a way to create “soda water”, which was served at Speakman’s pharmacy, and was used to take medicine. Speakman, at Dr. Physics suggestion, used fruit syrup and sugar to flavor the soda water, creating the world’s first flavored soda drink in 1807. Dr. Philip Syng Physick’s house remains today in Society Hill and is designated as a historic landmark. You may stop by our store to enjoy his refreshment, and visit his homestead to partake of a unique historic educational experience.

Speaking of unique experiences, The Franklin Fountain was mentioned on Garrison Keillor’s nationally celebrated radio program “A Prairie Home Companion”! Franklin Fountain owner Ryan Berley attended a live Broadcast of the program in the great city of New York. At the end of the program, in the portion where audience notations and requests are recited, Mr. Keillor, in his voice leathered with Minnesotan husk and charm, pronounced “All our love to the soda jerks at The Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia!” We are, at once, flabbergasted and honored. Garrison Keillor is a radio legend and a pioneer in his medium, as is a preserver and celebrator of all things old-timey. We send all of our love right back at ‘im.

We have one more celebrity encounter to retell: on the afternoon of May 1st of this year, Franklin Fountain owners Ryan and Eric Berley attended “The Chocolate Symphony”, a benefit assisting The Alzheimer’s Association, where they served our Chocolate Ice Cream with homemade hot fudge to assembled guests. The event was held at the gardens of Cairnwood, on the grounds of the breathtaking Bryn Athyn Cathedral and Pitcairn Estate. In attendance was author Nelson Johnson, who penned Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times and Corruption of Atlantic City (The HBO series “Boardwalk Empire” is adopted from his thoroughly-researched work.) The book chronicles the organized crime network and bootlegging operation under the orchestration of former Atlantic City Treasurer Enoch “Nucky” Johnson during the Prohibition Era. Nelson was able to sign copies of his book for us, and he sampled chocolates of our make as well as those of other Philadelphia area confectioners. We feel we are kindered spirits with Mr. Johnson, who seems as steeped in early twentieth-century Americana as we are. The honor was high.
Well, that’s about all for now. We hope that you take advantage of the lovely weather of this season, intaking fully its mystic quality.
May Minds Open As Blossoms,
May Fresh Ideas Pollinate the World,
The Franklin Fountain

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