July ’12

Friends and Followers: Beauteous is America, in ways too varied and subtle to affix with a numeral. Redwood trees of the Pacific Northwest arise from fecund and rain-wet soils as arrows released, piercing the blue of the sky throughout a passage of centuries. The dual shorelines of this republic break with froth of oceans vexed by their own might. The rippled sands along them are aglitter with smithereened quartz and the calcium of gone creatures. The prairie-lands bristled with tall-growing grasses are combed with a clean-smelling wind. The rivers and estuaries of this continent flow with the confluence of melted snow and fallen rains. But what is just as magnificent about this nation are the people that it drank in, sponge-like, the displaced folk of cruel empires, those in want of bread and newness, those once enslaved who became endowed with the tantalizing gain of freedom. These assembled throngs have imparted aspects of their culture and work, and indeed their blood, into the structures of the populace, and today we thank them. Today, we celebrate. Today, on the anniversary of our nation’s independence, we contemplate our American uniqueness, our gift of freedom and the fact of our plurality that has made us sturdy and guaranteed our endurance. Today we have thankful hearts and joyous words. Happy Independence Day.

The time has arrived to commence with the festivities for the Red, White, and Blue! This month in July we will be featuring a “Berry Bonanza”, ripe with new and improved Berry-Delicious Ice Cream and Sodas! We also have unfurled ourselves into a fit of utter madness– we will be featuring an array of different kinds of berry sodas. You may choose graciously from Huckleberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, and Strawberry.

Thus far, our present year seems to be rife with celebrations and anniversaries of loft and prestige. We would like to call your attention to yet another hallmark that signals its centennial passage as of this summer: The Eagle Scout award of the Boy Scouts of America. The very first recipient of the Eagle Scout award was a seventeen year-old lad named Arthur Rose Eldred from Rockville Centre Long Island in 1912. To earn the honor of Eagle Scouthood, one must display exemplary values, one must be saturated with the Scouting spirit, and one must earn twenty-one merit badges which take honed skill, discipline, and endurance to attain. The grandfather of the Berley Brothers, Wilbert “Bud” Sprowls, was an Eagle Scout in 1933, and brother Eric Berley also attained the rank of Eagle. In order to honor this noble tradition, we have created the “Eagle Scout Sundae,” which is composed of farm-fresh Blueberry Ice Cream, Creme de Lafayette (our annual treat of French Vanilla Ice Cream striped in a red raspberry puree and plump blueberries) and tart cherry topping. The dignified creation is served in a parfait dish with high honor to the contributing patron.


In continuance with the theme of things Red, White, and Blue, let us welcome you in visiting our patriotically be-decked store grounds at Shane Confectionery for all things Yankee Doodle Candy! Bunting striped with the colors of Old Glory will trail from the gleaming cabinetry, and the atmosphere will be charged with a reverence for our homeland. While at Shane’s, be sure to try any one of our home-cooled chocolates and confections, which you can find on elegant display atop of mirror-bottomed shelving. Do stop in for a gracious helping of American grace.

When in the course of natural events…a storm that was once tumultuous and thrashing now lives on in our national memory. I refer to the kite of Benjamin Franklin, whipping and sailing on tossing winds above the city. A bolt of lightning electrified a key that dangled from the kite string. In order to commemorate and preserve this tale that has grown in height and lore, we have created a treat called the FRANKLIN FREEZE! It consists of elements of your choice: one Thirst-ade, one Ice Cream, and one Sorbet. Thereupon all three components will be mixed together by the electrically excited spindle of our lightning fast mixing apparatus. It shall refresh you, and send a pleasant tingle through your tastebuds. We have some fantastic poster art for this creation depicting Franklin’s electrical experiment, and it was drawn and colored by none other than the talented Andrea Miller, who is also celebrated as a stellar soda jerk.  We ask that you stop by our shop to gaze upon the artwork and try this latest concoction which will, with all doubts removed, delight you.

“The Ice Screamers” are an assembly of die-hard ice cream and soda fountain enthusiasts from across the globe who collect artifacts of ice cream history and who study the place of the soda fountain as an American institution within the context of American history at large. Both of the Berley Brothers belong to this society, and have contributed to its success and longevity. They also relied upon the society for a great many things when they were initially beginning their soda fountain re-creation venture. In the past week, the Ice Screamers held their 30th Anniversary celebration in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.All of the Berleys were in attendance, and here is what elder brother Ryan had to say about the occasion:

“The Ice Screamers 30th Anniversary Convention presented us a unique opportunity to learn ice cream molding on a commercial scale using rare antique molds. After much trial-and-error, hard work and frozen fingers, the molded ice creams arrived in excellent shape presenting a beautiful array of form and color to a delighted banquet of devotees. It was worth all the while!”

Coming Up: On July the 26th at 6 o’clock post-meridian, an event will be held by the Historic Art Alliance at Rittenhouse Square. Eric Berley will be delivering an educational program entitled the “Craft of Ice Cream” with a focus on soda fountain and ice cream in art. The cost is $35 for Dinner, Dessert and Entertainment. Sign Up Here.

The Dedication of the Rick Nichols (see cone head) Room at the Reading Terminal Market a day in Ice Cream with Bassetts Ice Cream owner Michael Strange and the guys.
Photograph courtesy of Albert Yee / http://albertyee.com 

On the 21st of July, from 10am thru 4pm, The sixth annual Reading Terminal Market Ice Cream Festival will be co-hosted by The Franklin Fountain and Bassetts Ice Cream along with some of your other favorite frozen treat companies here in the City and region. The theme this year will be ice cream history, with live ice cream molding demonstrations and a nice arrangement of our antique ice industry tools and historic ice cream freezers on view.

Well, that’s about it for now. We wish you swift relief from this heat, and we hope that you reflect upon the ever-evolving organism of the American Poem.

In pursuit of happiness,
The Berley Brothers and Staff

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