August ’11

Dearest Fountaineers:

This summer certainly has been a sizzling one– the sunblazed days have been set with record-breaking temperatures and townfolk and tourist alike have swarmed to the Fountain for an icy soda beverage or a cold ice cream treat to provide some sweet relief. The line of ice cream cravers has stretched out our doors all the way down to the scaffolding of Shane Confectionery halfway down the block. We have been working double-time to serve these honored patrons our prize-winning desserts and have found ourselves busier than ever. The story of our success has been heralded in newsprint, in the panel talks of historical institutions, and by the word of mouth of visiting country folk. We consider it an honor to serve, and are honored by the considerations for having served.

THIS JUST IN! The Franklin Fountain has just won the 2011 “Best of Philly” award for “Best Ice Cream”! This is the third time that we have won the Best Ice Cream award from Philadelphia Magazine. The magazine displays a lovely photographic still life of a dish of our blueberry ice cream, and the caption beneath raves about our seasonal favorites: Honeycomb and Girl Scout Cookie ice creams (available, when advertised, during the cooler months of the calendar season.) We feel honored once again to have this award bestowed upon us, and we will do all that we can to insure that the merit of the award will always ring true.
Philadelphia Magazine isn’t the only print publication to have featured us. In the newest edition of “Dessert Professional” magazine, the trade journal lists us as being among the top ten dessert retailers in the nation! The magazine is one of high-held esteem for those in the biz, so this is a lofty honor for us as well, to be sure.

The Franklin Fountain and it’s place in ice cream history has also been discussed in more academic circles in recent weeks. On July the 20th, The Philadelphia History Museum at The Atwater Kent held the event “Conversations on Cool: The Delicious History of Warm Weather Treats.” The event was hosted by The Food Network’s Marc Summers (host of “Unwrapped”, producer of “Dinner Impossible”) who moderated a discussion about Philadelphia’s long history of ice cream and cool desserts with panelists Ryan and Eric Berley, fifth generation owner of Bassett’s Ice Cream Michael Strange, and third generation owner of John’s Water Ice Anthony Cordullo. The esteemed panelists spoke before a sold out crowd about their personal involvement and development with the ice cream and dessert industry, their company’s history, and their personal ice cream preferences. The audience was very engaged, and afterwards each representative company gave out ice cream samples to the gathered public (we gave out samples of our Crème de Lafayette flavor) and Root Beer Float samples were also administered, made with Art in the Age’s “Root” alcoholic beverage. A rousing and informed time was had by all.

Speaking of rousing times, the 5th annual Ultimate Philadelphia Ice Cream Festival was held on July 16th at the bustling Reading Terminal Market in their Center Court. The event was hosted by our good friends Bassett’s Ice Cream, who this year are in the midst of celebrating their 150th anniversary! Bassett’s was founded in 1861 by Lewis Dubois Bassett in Salem, New Jersey, and they have been a vendor at The Reading Terminal Market since 1893. Several Philadelphia area ice cream makers were present to partake in the festivities, including, of course, The Franklin Fountain.

We unveiled, amid the teeming crowd, a display cake celebrating 100 years of Shane Confectionery. We also offered Shane Centennial Cake ice cream, made of vanilla white cake and blue-dyed traditional American butter-cream swirled throughout a base of vanilla ice cream. The event was a lively one with games, eating contests, tastings, giveaways, live music, children’s crafts, and more.
Note: The Shane Centennial Cake ice cream flavor is available for purchase at The Franklin Fountain shop.

We should like to take this moment to inform you about the latest treats we’ve concocted at our store. We have an expanded summertime sorbet menu made from fresh fruit and citrus, including raspberry sorbet, strawberry sorbet, Indian mango sorbet, lemon ice, and a new key lime sorbet. We suggest that the key lime sorbet be paired with some Nehi Peach Soda in our newest ice cream soda, “The Georgia Peach” Cooler. Nehi soft drinks were first introduced into the market in 1924 by the Chero-Cola Company, the name “knee-high” derives from “knee-high” skirts, a picture of a young woman’s exposed legs were used to advertise the beverage), and quickly gained success with their colorful and flavorful variety. The concoction of “The Georgia Peach” is a nod to the nickname of the once Philadelphia Athletic outfielder Ty Cobb. Cobb, a native of Narrows, Georgia, is widely considered to be one of the best ball players of all time, and he received the most votes of any player in the ‘36 inaugural Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. We hope that our tangy treat honors his legacy and reflects the sour bite of his famed persona.
Speaking of The Philadelphia Athletics, we would like to announce the upcoming “Philadelphia Vintage Baseball Exhibition and Fair” to be held at the Philadelphia Navy Yard on August the 20th and 21st, beginning promptly at 10 a.m. The event will be hosted by The Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia and will be sponsored by The Franklin Fountain, among others. Both Berley Brothers will be playing our national sport in accordance to 1864 rules, and all players will be dressed in period-appropriate attire. Stop by to root for the home team at the ol’ ball game, and to pick up some ice cream while you’re at it!
Well, folks, that’s about all for now. We wish you the wellest wishes, and hope that you’ll be visiting us in the near future.
May you find gladness in these August days, from new light to noontime to nighttime, your friends at The Franklin Fountain.

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