April ’14



Carrot Cake “Bisque” Ice Cream

Made with Fresh Carrots, Crunchy Walnuts, Allspice, Ginger, Cinnamon, and Rum-Soaked Raisins along with a Cream Cheese Frosting Swirl.

“Bisque Flavors” are those traditionally made with a baked good-such as our Famous Alternative Cookies and Cream Flavor-HYDROX COOKIE!



Our Newest Dairy Free Ice Cream – Coconut!

What would be an appropriate addition to our growing collection of Dairy-free coconut cream based flavors?  Why Coconut of course!  Stop by and try our new Dairy-Free Coconut Ice Cream.



Lemon Sorbet Returns

For those sporting for lighter fare, Tart and Bracing Lemon Sorbet is back; made fresh from lemons from Southern groves. The flavor is invigorating, and is sure to hit the spot and refresh you on a hot and sunny day.



Roman Punch Invades

We’ve PRESSED into service a LEGION of organic Lemons, Limes, Oranges and Bergamot to replenish the thirst of an EMPIRE! Available seasonally April thru October.



Angel Food Cake Sundae

This deliciously light and zippy dessert is flavored with Almond, Lemon Zest, Vanilla, and Raspberry Swirls and topped with a Buttermilk Raspberry Dew. As a sundae it harmonizes like a Songbird with Fountain Flavors such as creamy Coconut or Banana Ice Creams.



French Style Macarons

Available in 3 tempting flavors: Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, and Pistachio. The ‘jam’- like center is quite divine.




Easter Greetings

Spring is in bloom at Shane Confectionery… with exquisite Hand-Made Easter Candies! Easter Clear Toys, Buttercreams, Chocolates, Jelly Beans and Malted Milk Eggs – all await discovery on Easter Morn!



Easter Clear Toy Candy

Clear Toy Candy is an 18th century Pennsylvania-German tradition, faithfully upheld by the Berleys and their staff.  Our candies are hand-made onsite in historic Old City, Philadelphia using antique candy molds.  Choose from a delightful selection of Easter rabbits, baskets and eggs.  Our Easter Clear Toy is available now, in the confectionery shop and on the website (http://shanecandies.com/confections/).



Buttercream Eggs

Order your highly detailed, hand-made Easter Buttercream Eggs in the shop, by phone or on our website (http://shanecandies.com/confections/). Customize yours with an Easter greeting or names of friends or family.  The exquisiteness and intricacy of these designs are something to behold.



Easter Chocolate Assortments

Buttercream Egg Assortment – For those who can’t choose just one flavor, our Buttercream Eggs are also available in bite-size portions;  featuring ambrosial Strawberry, exquisite Coconut, luscious Lemon, scrumptious Vanilla, and divine Chocolate.
Or try…
Spring Assortment – A wide array of our finest chocolates including buttercreams, caramels, fruits and nuts with an emphasis on seasonal flavors.



House-made Lavender Marshmallows

These gooey treats ensnare the aroma of blossomed lavender sprigs, and their taste has a refreshing floral quality that is as light as air.





Some of the young men fighting in Vietnam were fighting for one yard at a time.  646 of them did not make it home and their names are on the wall at the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Spruce St. & Columbus Blvd.). Now they need our help. We are fighting for one yard of concrete at a time. The Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial needs over 140 yards and is asking everyone to donate one yard.  Only one yard. If 100 people to do this for the veterans, we can make a significant contribution towards their deserving project. A yard of concrete costs $135. If you or anyone you know wishes to help out please send a donation. As a thank you for  the Franklin Fountain will provide all yard donors with a FREE Thick Milkshake at The Franklin Fountain.

Visit this link to find out more or to make a donation.

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